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Physics Chemistry Maths

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AIEEE Instructors

Mr. Pankaj Joshi, Physics

Mr. Sachin Chhabra

Pankaj is an IIT Delhi graduate. He is currently pursuing MS (Photonics) from KTH Stockholm, Sweden. He feels that physics is not only about solving problems but something whose methods should be put to use in all fields of life...

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Mr. Rajender Shah, Physics

Mr. Raj Kumar Bandhopadhyay

Mr. Rajender Shah; Senior Physics teacher and HOD (Science) at G D Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj New Delhi for the last 10 years. He has also taught at DPS, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Dynamic and brilliant, Rajender Shah breathes and lives physics...

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Mr. Nishu Kr. Govil, Math

Dr. Arshad Majeed

Nishu has done B.Tech from AMU. He has been teaching Mathematics for almost a decade and helping students prepare for competitive examinations...

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Mr. Pankaj Joshi

Pankaj is an IIT Delhi graduate. He is currently pursuing MS (Photonics) from KTH Stockholm, Sweden.

He feels that physics is not only about solving problems but something whose methods should be put to use in all fields of life. Understanding of the basic principles (which are not too many) can take one far in the understanding of physics

Mr. Nishu Kr. Govil

Nishu has done B.Tech from AMU. He has been teaching Mathematics for almost a decade and helping students prepare for competitive examinations. He also has experience of teaching class XI and XII syllabus to students in schools in India and abroad such as DPS Sharjah, DPS Riyadh and Indian Embassy School, Dammam, SA. He is rated as the best Mathematics teacher for AIEEE preparation.

Mr.Rajender Shah

Mr. Rajender Shah; Senior Physics teacher and HOD (Science) at G D Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj New Delhi for the last 10 years. He has also taught at DPS, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Dynamic and brilliant, Rajender Shah breathes and lives physics. Popularly known as Shah Sir, his students vouch for his out of the box teaching methodology that makes physics simple and interesting to them. Having done his Masters in Physics from University of Kashmir and degree in Education from M D University, Rajender Shah followed his passion for physics by teaching, writing books and coaching students successfully for competitive exams for last 19 years. Down to earth, practical, flexible, he has the innate ability to sense the students' pulse and guide them accordingly.


PHYSICS | By Mr. Pankaj Joshi

CHEMISTRY | By Dr. J V Gupta

MATHS | By Mr. Nishu Kr. Govil

AIEEE Course Details

Subject No. of Chapters No. of Lectures Taught Solved Problems No. of Hours
Physics 20 311 381 60
Chemistry 27 389 638 100
Maths 19 384 550 100
PCM-Combo 66 1084 1569 260

AIEEE Syllabus
Physics and Measurement
Standards of Quantities, Number Notation, Fundamental and Derived Quantities, Prefixes for Powers of Ten
Dimensional Analysis, Conversion of Units
Significant Figures, Uncertainty in Measurements
Errors in Measurement and Few Problems based on it
Introduction to Kinematics and Few Definitions
Reference Systems, Position Vector and a Problem
Distance, Displacement and Examples related to them
Motion in Straight Line and a Problem Based on It
Basic Problems Based on Motion in a Straight Line
Uniform and Non-uniform Motion: Speed 
Velocity, Differences b/w Speed and Velocity and a problem based on Velocity
Uniformly Accelerated Motion and a problem
Equations of Kinematics and a Problem
Free Fall and its Examples
Motion Graphs and a Problem Based on it
Problems in Kinematics in one dimension
Scalars and Vectors, Vector Addition, Vector Subtraction, Components of Vectors, Zero Vector and Unit Vectors
Product of Vectors: Scalor and Vector Products
Relative Motion, Relative Velocity and a problem based on it
Problems in Relative Velocity
Motion in a Plane and a problem
Projectile Motion and Two Problems based on it
Uniform Circular Motion and a Problem based on it
Laws of Motion
Newton's Law's of Motion, Common Types of Forces and Few Problems
Equilibrium of Concurrent Forces, Lami's Theorem
Applications of Newton's Second Law
Friction, Coloumb's laws of Friction, Types of friction
Problems based on Friction
Pseudo Forces, Inertial and Non-Inertial Forces and a Problem
Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion: Conical Pendulum, Horizontal Curve
Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion:Banked Curves, Vertical Circular Motion, Non-Uniform Circular Motion
Work Power Energy
Introduction to Work, System and Environment
Work Done by Multiple Forces, Kinetic Energy, Work Energy Theorem and a problem
Potential Energy and Its Types, Conservation of Energy and a Problem
Conservative and Non-conservative Forces and a Problem
Conservative Forces and Potential Energy and Relationship b/w them and a Problem
Power and Problems
Introduction to Collisions and a Problem
Elastic Collision, One Dimensional Collision and a Problem
Two Dimensional Collision and a Problem
Rotational Motion
Center of Mass, Co-ordinates of Center of Mass and Motion of Center of Mass
Rotational Kinematics
Rotational Kinetic Energy and Moment of Inertia of some bodies
Parallel Axis Theorem and a problem
Radius of Gyration, Perpendicular Axis Theorem
Torque and its illustration
Equilibrium of Rigid Body and a Problem
Work in Rotational Motion, Work Energy Theorem and a Problem
Angular Momentum and its Illustration
Conservation of Angular Momentum and a Problem
Rolling Motion and K.E. of a rolling body
Universal Law of Gravitation and one problem
Acceleration Due to Gravity, Variation of g due to height and depth and few problems
Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion and Few Problems
Gravitational Field ,Gravitational Potential and Few Problems
Energy in Satellite Motion, Escape Speed , Orbital Velocity and Few Problems
Geo-Stationary Satellites and Few Problems
Current Electricty
Current and Drift Velocity
Relation b/w Electric Current and Drift Velocity, Current Density ,Ohm's Law and Conductivity
Resistance and Resistivity and their Illustration
Cells - Nature and Combination
Kirchoff's Law and Applications, Wheatstone Bridge
Concept of Symmetry and Equipotential Points
Potentiometer and applications
Heating Effect of Current and Fuse Wire
Problems and AIEEE-Problems
Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism
Magnetic Effect of Current, Ampere's Swimming Law, Biot Savart Law and its Applications (Straight Wire)
Biot Savart Law Applications (Square and Rectangular Wires)
Biot Savart Law Applications (Circular Wire)
Amperes Circuital Law and Applications(Soleniod)
Amperes Circuital Law  Applications (Toroid and Thick Wire)
Force of Magnetic Field
Path of Charge Particle in a Magnetic Field
Charged Particle entering a magnetic Field at a Certain Angle, Force on a Current Carrying Wire Placed in a Magnetic Field
Force Between Two Long Straight Parallel Wires  
Torque on a Current Carrying Loop Placed in a Uniform Magnetic Field
Conversion of Galvanometer into Ammeter and Voltmeter
Magnets and Magnetism
Magnetic Material, Magnetic Dipole, Magnetising Field Intensity and few other definitions
Classification of Magnetic Materials
Coulomb's Law, Principle of Superposition, Field Due to a Point Charge
Continuous Charge Distribution
Electric Field Lines and Potential Energy
Potential Energy and Electrostatic Potential
Concept of Electric Potential and Equipotential Surfaces
Electric Dipole and Dipole Moment
Relationship b/w torque and dipole Moment
Gauss' Law and Electric Flux
Problems in Electrostatics
Problems on Gauss' Law
Introduction of Capacitor and Capacitance
Spherical Capacitor and Expression for its Capacitance
Cylindrical Capacitor and Expression for its Capacitance
Combination of Capacitors: Series Combination
Combination of Capacitors: Parallel Combination and Example
Energy Stored in Parallel Plate Capacitor
Problems on Gauss' Law
Problems on Capacitor
Properties of Solid and Liquids
Elasticity, Stress, Strain and Hooke's Law
Elastic Potential Energy
Pascal's Law
Archimedes' Principle, Turbulent Motion, Reynolds Number
Equation of Continuity, Bernoullis' Principle
Application of Bernoullis' Principle and Equation of Continuity, Torricelli's Theorem, Venturi Tube
Problems on Fluids
Surface Tension
Excess Pressure inside an air bubble
Capillarity, Contact Angle, Capillary Rise
Viscosity, Stoke's Law
Terminal Velocity and Expression for it
Problems on Surface Tension
Problems on Solids
Optics, Reflection of light at smooth surfaces, Laws of Reflection
Spherical Mirrors, Pole of a mirror, Focus, Paraxial Approximation
Image Tracing, Sign Convention
Spherical Mirror Formula
Extended Objects and Lateral Magnification
Refraction From Plane Surface, Snell's law, Total Internal Effect, Optical Fiber
Refraction From Plane Surface
Study of Prism
Refraction From Spherical Surface
Introduction to Lenses
Lens Maker Formula
Compound Microscope and Astronomical Telescope
Dispersion And Deviation
Law of Refraction From Huygens Principle
Youngs Double Slit Experiment
Concept of Optical Path
Diffraction, Polarisation
Oscillation and Waves
Introduction to Simple Harmonic Motion
SHM - Constants of Motion, Time period
SHM - Kinetic and Potential Energy, Expression for the time-period of a Simple Pendulum
Examples of SHM and some Problems
Problems on SHM
Damped Harmonic Oscillator, Physical and Torisonal Pendulum
Introduction of Waves and Classification of Waves
Representation of a Travelling Wave
Sinusoidal Wave and Expression for the velocity of a Wave
Principle of Superposition
Standing Waves -  Concept
Standing Waves on String fixed at both the Ends
Standing Waves on String fixed at one End and free at another end
Standing Wave of Sounds
Standing Wave of Sounds in Air Coloumns open at both ends, Beats
Doppler's Effect 
Electromagnetic Waves
Introduction to EMW, Maxwell's Equations
Characteristics of EMW
EM Spectrum and Applications of EM Waves
Electromagnetic Induction
Transient Current (LR Circuits), Growth of Current
Decay of Current (LR Circuits), Transient Current (CR Circuits)
Faraday's and Lenz's Law 
Motional EMF
Mutual and Self Induction
Eddy Current
A.C. Introduction
Circuits containing Resistor only and Circuits containing Inductor only
Circuit containing Capacitor only and LCR Series Circuit
Resonant Circuits, Q-Factor
AC Devices: AC Generator and Transformer
Electronic Devices
Energy Bands in Solids, Band Theory, Semiconductors
Extrinsic Semiconductor and its Electrical Conductivity
P-n Junction, Forward and Reverse Biasing
Applications of P-n Junction: PN junction as a Rectifier
Photodiode, LED, Solar Cell, Zener Diode
Transistor- Amplifier
Transistor- Oscillator and Switch
Logic Gates
Communication System
Elements of a Communication System
Modulation, Amplitude Modulation
Mathematical Analysis of Amplitude Modulated Wave, Band Pass Filter
Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves, Surface and Sky Wave Propagation, Space wave Propagation, Satellite Communication
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Photons, Photoelectric Effect, Hallwards and Leonards Observation
Stopping Potential, Failure of Wave Theory, Einstein's Equation of Photo Electric Effect
Wave Nature of Matter and de Broglie's Hypothesis, de Broglie Wavelength
Davisson Germer Experiment and Bragg's Law
X-rays and X-ray Spectrum
Atoms and Nuclei
Models of Atom, Rutherford's α- Scattering Experiment, Impact Parameter
Bohr's Model, Expressions for Radius, Velocity and Energy of an atom 
Hydrogen Spectrum, Absorption Spectrum, Excitation and Ionization Potential, Limitations of Bohr's Model
Nuclei, Nuclear Density, Nuclear Forces, Nuclear Stability, Isotopes, Isotones, Isobars and Isomers
Activity and Average Life  of Radioactive Substances, Nuclear Reaction
Heat and Thermodynamics, Thermal Expansion, Co-efficient of Expansion
Thermal Expansion of Solids, Thermal Stress
Thermal Expansion of Liquids and Gases
Thermodynamics, Work Done in Thermodynamic System
Zeroth and First Law of Thermodynamics, Cyclic Process, Isothermal, Isochoric and Isobaric Process
Adiabatic Process and Isolated System
Second Law of Thermodynamics, Heat Engine and its Efficiency, Carnot Engine
Isothermal Expansion and Compression, Adiabatic Expansion and Compression,Carnot Theorem, Coefficient of Performance
Transmission of Heat: Thermal Conduction and Convection
Thermal Radiation, Emmisive Power, Stefan's Law, Newton's Law of Cooling, Energy Distribution of Black Body Radiation, Wien's Displacement Law and Solar Constant
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Gas Laws: Boyle's Law, Charles' Law and Gaylussac's Law
Kinetic Theory of Gases, Pressure Due to an ideal Gas
Kinetic Interpretation of Temperature, Average Kinetic Energy per Molecule of a Gas
Proof of Gas Laws with the help of Kinetic Theory of Gases, Standard Gas Equation, Avogadro's Law, Graham's Law of Diffusion 
Avogadro's Number and Concept of Mean Free Path
Degrees of Freedom
Law of Equipartition of Energy
Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry
Measurement of Quantities and their SI Units, Relation between centigrade scale and fahrenheit scale
Significant figures and rule for rounding off the figures
Laws of Chemical Combinations, numericals
Cannizzaros Principle - Empirical and Molecular Formulae, problems
Mole Concept
Problems on mole concept
Concentration of solution, molarity, molality, normality, equivalent weight
Double decomposition and electrolysis method, calculation of strength
Types of titration, numericals
Back Titration and Redox Titration, numericals
Problems and AIEEE-Problems
States of Matter
Gas Laws, dalton law of partial pressure
Grahams Law of Diffusion and Molecular Speed
Postulates of Kinetic Theory of Gases and their Non Ideal Behavior
Some Noteworthy Points, non ideal behaviour, equation of state, molecular collision, heat capacity of gas
Some Noteworthy Points, gas laws, dalton law of partial pressure, partial pressure and mole fraction, liquefaction of gases
Liquid State, properties of liquid
Solid State-Introduction and Percentage of Volume Occupied by Atoms
Calculation of Density, numericals
Difference between elements and compounds, numericals, cordination number, imperfection in solids, stoichiometric and non stoichiometric defects
Stoichiometric and non stoichiometric defects
Properties of Crystals
Some Important Points, wustite structure, fluoride and anti fluoride structure, normal spinal structure, inverse spinal structure, isotropic and N-isotropic properties
Elements of symmetry, law of rational indices, miller indices, 
Problems and AIEEE-Problems
Atomic Structure
Atoms, Discovery of Sub Atomic Particles - Bohr Theory
Rydberg Equation and Hydrogen Spectrum
Failure of Bohrs Theory and Modern Structure of Atoms, quantum numbers
Rules for Filling Electrons in Sub orbits
Hunds Rule, Paulis Principle
Numericals on Dual Nature of Matter
Schrodinger Wave Equation and the Plots of Probability of Electrons vs r
Chemical Bonding Molecular Structure
Chemical bond, ionic bond, characterstics of ionic bond, lattice energy, born haber cycle 
Some Important Points on Ionic Compound, fajan rule
Covalent Bond, characterstics of Covalent Bond, overlapping of orbitals theory
Overlapping theory, theory of Hybridization
sp2, sp3 hybridization
sp3d,  sp3d2 hybridization
Examples of sp3d2, sp3d3 hybridization
Types of Hybridization
VSEPR Theory
Partial Polar Bonds
Dipole moment
Characteristics of a Bond, factors effecting bond energy, types of bond, bond angle
Coordinate Bond and Failure of Octet Theory
Molecular Orbital Theory: valence bond theory, molecular orbital theory, 
Molecular Orbital Theory: Energy level diagrams, bond order, shapes of molecular orbitals
Hydrogen Bond, effects of hydrogen bonding
Metallic Bond
Introduction and Terms used in Thermodynamics
Enthalpy, types of enthalpies
Enthalpy of combustion, enthalpy of neutralization, solution, hydration, fusion, vapurization, sublimation, 
Numericals on Enthalpy
Bond energy, diff between bond energy and bond dissociation energy, numericals
Bond Energy and its Numericals, kirchoff's equation
Spontaneity and Entropy
Entropy change of an ideal gas, numericals, free energy, physical significance of free energy
Solutions, types of solutions, Methods for Expressing Concentration 
Methods for Expressing Concentration 
Colligative Properties, numericals
Osmosis, diffusion, osmotic pressure and its applications
Equation for osmotic pressure, numericals, volatility
Raoult's Law and its Numericals
Problems and AIEEE-Problems
Chemical Equilibrium 
Physical Equilibrium
Chemical Equilibrium - Equilibrium Constant (Kc)
Relation b/w Kp and Kc
Degree of Dissociation and Calculation of Kc
Calculation of Kp
Heterogeneous Equilibrium
Factors Affecting Equilibrium
Ionic Equilibrium, Electrolyte and Ostwald Dilution Law, numericals
Acid Base Concept
Ionic Product of Water and pH, numericals
Determination of pH of Weak Acid, Base and Buffer Solution
Henderson Equation for Basic Buffer and Hydrolysis, importance of buffer solution
Hydrolytic Constant - Degree of Hydrolysis - Relation b/w KH - KW - Ka and Kb 
Determination of pH of Salts
Common Ion Effect, solubility and Solubility Product
Application of Solubility Product and Numericals
Some Noteworthy Points
Problems and AIEEE-Problems
Redox Reaction and Electrochemistry
Oxidation, Reduction and Redox Reactions
Oxidation Number and its Calculation
Calculation of Oxidation Number and its Application
Balancing of Equation by Oxidation Number Method, numericals
Balancing of Equation by Ion Electron Method, examples
Electrolytic and Metallic Conduction and Conductance in Electrolytic Solutions, types of conductances
Specific and Molar Conductivities, numericals
Kohlrauschs Law and its Applications, numericals
Electrochemical Cells, numericals
Importance of porous vessel, Salt Bridge and Electrode Potential
Factors Affecting Electrode Potential and Electrochemical Series
Determination of Standard Electrode Potential
Commercial cells, Dry Cells and Lead Accumulator
Fuel Cells, Corrosion and its Prevention
Problems and AIEEE-Problems
Chemical Kinetics
Rate of Reaction. Law of mass action, difference between rate and rate constant
Factors affecting rate of reactions, numericals, photosynthesis, complex reactions and elementary reactions, order and molecularity
Difference b/w Order and Molecularity, Units of Rate Constant, integration of zero and first order
Determination of Order of Reaction using Half Life and Initial Rate Method, numericals
Effect of Temperature Arrhenius Theory, Determination of Activation Energy, numericals
Collision Theory and Numericals
Problems and AIEEE-Problems
Surface Chemistry
Applications of Adsorption
Colloidal States, Classification of Colloids 
Classification of Colloids
Preparation of Colloidal Solution, Condensation method
Preparation of Colloidal Solution and Purification of Colloidal Solution
Properties of Colloidal Solution 
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Classification of elements and periodicity in properties, defects of mendeleev periodic table
Nomenclature of elements with atomic number > 100
Periodic Classification - Electronic Configuration and Ionization Energy
Negative Electron Gain Enthalpy
Electronegativity, Factors affecting electronegativity
General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals
Modes of Occurrence of Metals, Minerals and Ores  
Metallurgy of Cu
Metallurgy of Fe
Metallurgy of Al and Zn
Methods of Refining
Thermodynamics of Extraction of Metals
Position of Hydrogen in Periodic Table - Isotopes
Preparation, Properties and Uses of Hydrogen
Hydrides, Types of hydrides
Water, physical and chemical properties, structure
Hard Water and Soft Water
Manufacture and structure of Hydrogen Peroxide
Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide
Heavy Water
Hydrogen as a Fuel, advantages of hydrogen fuel
s-Block Elements
Introduction, atomic size, ionic size, ionization energy, electron affinity, electropositivity character, reactivity with air and water
Stability of hydroxides, thermal stability of carbonates, nature of chlorides, hydration, reducing agent, reaction with ammonia and nitrogen, reactivity towards hydrogen and halogens
Anomalous Behaviour of Lithium (Li)
Alkaline Earth Metals 
Anomalous Behaviour of Beryllium (Be)
Diagonal Relationship b/w (Li and Mg - Be and Al)
Preparation and Properties of Sodium Hydroxide, nelson cell
Preparation and Properties of Sodium carbonate
Preparation and Properties of Calcium Oxide and Calcium Hydroxide
Plaster of Paris and Cement
Biological Importance of Na - K - Mg and Ca
p-Block Elements
Introduction on p-Block Elements
Group-13,14,15 & 16(General Discussion)
Group-13 (Borax - Boric Acid - BF3 - AlCl3 - Alum)
Properties of Sulphur Dioxide and Uses
Oxoacids of Sulphur 
Properties of Sulphuric Acid 
Oxoacids of Halogens, interhalogens compounds
Anomalous Behaviour of Fluorine 
Preparation of Chlorine
Preparation and Properties of HCl
Group-18 (Occurrence and Uses of Noble Gases)
Preparation of Fluorides and Oxides of Xenon
d and f Block Elements
Introduction, General Characteristics of Transition Elements 
General Characteristics of Transition Elements
Preparation and Properties of KMnO4
Uses of KMnO4
Preparation and Properties of K2Cr2O7 and its Uses
Inner Transition Elements - Lanthanides
Inner Transition Elements - Actinides
Co-Ordination Compounds
Introduction - Werners Theory - Nomenclature 
Nomenclature of anionic and cationic complexes
Bridge Ligands and Isomerism in Complexes
Solvate isomerism, geometrical isomers
Valence Bond Theory, magnetic properties of coordination compounds, limitations of valence bond theory
Crystal Field Theory
Colour in Complexes and Limitations of Crystal Field Theory
Application of Complexes
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Pollution
Atmospheric Pollution
Tropospheric Pollutants
Global warming and green house effects, acid rain
Particulate Pollutants
Stratospheric Pollution
Water Pollution 
Soil Pollution
Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds
Methods of Purification: Recrystallization, sublimation, distillation
Methods of Purification: Differential extraction, chromatography
Qualitative Analysis
Leibig's method, duma's method, numericals
kjeldahl's method, numericals
victor meyer's method, numericals
Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
Tetravalency of Carbon, Hybridization 
Classification of Organic Compounds based on Functional Groups
Homologous Series, Isomerism 
Isomerism: Metamerism
IUPAC Nomenclature of Aliphatic Compounds: hydrocarbons
IUPAC Nomenclature of Aliphatic Compounds
Nomenclature of compounds containing more than one similar functional groups
Nomenclature of compounds containing more than one different functional groups
Alicyclic compounds
IUPAC Names of Organic Compounds Represented by Bond-Line Notations 
Some Important Common or Trivial Names
Problems on Nomenclature
Covalent Bond Fission, Electron Displacement, Electromeric effect, Inductive effect
Resonance and its Effects
Electrophiles and Nucleophiles
Substitution Reactions
Substitution Reactions, Halogenation
Addition Reactions
Elimination reactions
Nomenclature and Preparation of Alkanes
Preparation of Alkanes: Wolff kishner reduction, Clemmenson reduction
Preparation of Alkanes: Decarboxylation of acid, Kolbe's electrolytic method, 
Properties of Alkanes: Isomerization
Properties of Alkanes: cracking, conformation
Geometrical Isomerism
Properties of Alkenes: Kharash effect
Properties of Alkenes
Properties of Alkenes: hydroxylation reaction, polymerization, ozonolysis
Nomenclature of Alkynes
Nomenclature and Preparation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Properties of Benzene
Properties of Benzene, reaction of benzene
Ortho-Para and Meta Directive Influences
Organic Compounds Containing Halogens
Nomenclature:Haloalkanes and haloarenes
Properties of Alkyl Halides
Properties of Aryl Halides
Differentiation b/w various types of Halides
Preparation and Properties of Dihalides
Preparation and Properties of Trihalides
Preparation and Properties of Carbon Tetrachloride
Freons and DDT
Stereochemistry in Substitution Reactions of Alkyl Halides
Stereospecific and Stereoselective Reactions
Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
Nomenclature of Alcohols 
Nomenclature of Phenols 
Preparation of Alcohols: hydroboration, oxomercuration and demercuration
Preparation of Alcohols: mechanism of acid and alkaline hydrolysis
Preparation of Phenols 
Identification of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Alcohols
Properties of Phenols
Properties of Phenols: Reimer tiemann reaction, kolbe's schmidt reaction
Properties of Phenols: phthaline reaction
Properties of Phenols
Sulfonation of phenols, Nomenclature of Ethers
Preparation and Properties of Ethers 
Nomenclature of Aldehyde and Ketones
Nomenclature and Preparation of Aldehyde and Ketones 
Properties of Aldehyde and Ketones 
Nomenclature of Carboxylic Acids
Preparation of Carboxylic Acids 
Properties of Carboxylic Acids 
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Nomenclature of Primary Amines 
Nomenclature of Secondary Amines 
Properties of Amines
Differentiation of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Amines
Diazonium Salts
General Introduction and Classification of Polymers
Classification of Polymers
Classification of Polymers: laderer manasse reaction
General Introduction and Importance of Biomolecules
Carbohydrates and Its Classification
Enzymes and Vitamins
Nucleic Acids 
Chemistry in Everyday Life
Chemicals in Medicines: types of analgesic
Chemicals in Food and Cleansing Agents
Complex Number
Introduction on complex numbers
Arithmetical Operation on Complex Number, Problems
Conjugate of Complex Number, Problems
Modulus of Complex Number
Complex Number in the Argand Plane
Triangle Inequality of Complex Number
Complex Number in the Polar Form
Problems on Complex Number
De Moivres Theorem, Problems
Cube Root of Unity, Problems
nth Root of Unity, Problems
nth Root of Complex Number, Problems
Vector Form of Complex Number
Geometrical Results with Complex Number, Problems
Area of Triangle having Complex Coordinates, Problems
Equilateral Triangle, Problems
Perpendicular Bisector, Problems
Circles with Complex Coordinates, Problems
Problems on Circles with Complex Coordinates
Complex number in argand plane, Problems
Complex Equations, Problems
Quadratic Equation
Introduction on Quadratic Equation, Problems
Nature of Roots, Problems
Relation between Roots and Coefficient, Problems
Quadratic Inequalities, Problems
Examples on Quadratic Inequalities
Cubical Equations, Problems
Cubical Inequations
Miscellaneous Examples
Geometric Interpretation
Problems on Geometric Interpretation
Position of Roots
Problems on Position of Roots
General Problems
Matrices and Determinant
Properties of Determinants
Theory of Linear Equations
Problems on System of Equations
Introduction of Matrices
Solution of Non Homogeneous Equations
Permutation and Combination
Elementary Problems on Permutation
Special Cases of Permutation
Definition of nPr , Problems
Conditional Permutation 
Seating Arrangement with Permutation
Permutation under Repetition
Rank of a Word and Problems
Properties of nCr
Number of Divisors 
Number of Selections
Distribution for Identical and Non-Identical Objects
Binomial Theorem and Its Application
Introduction of Binomial Theorem 
General Terms and Number of Term 
Binomial with Multinomial Theorem, Problems
Coefficient for Grouped Expansion, Problems
Finding Middle Term of a Binomial Series, Problems
Finding Greatest Term of Binomial Series, Problems
Sum of Coefficients of Binomial Series, Problems
Identities of Binomial Coefficient, Problems
Sequences and Series
Introduction of Arithmetic Progression (A.P.)
Properties of Arithmetic Progression (A.P.), Problems
Introduction of Geometric Progression (G.P.)
Problems on Geometric Progression (G.P.)
Introduction of Harmonic Progression (H.P.)
Problems on Harmonic Progression (H.P.)
Arithmetic Geometric Progression, Problems
Sum of Natural Numbers, Problems
Special Sequences: Problems
Introduction, Different types of functions
Mathemiatical definition of function
Range and Co-domain
Elementary Trigonometric Function
Exponential Functions
Logarithmic Functions
Greatest Integer function, fractional part function
Even Function and Odd Function
Examples and Problems on Even and Odd Function
Periodic Function and non-periodic functions
Important aspects of periodic functions and Problems
Problems on Domain and Range 
Types of Function and Problems
Inverse Function
Problems on Inverse Function
Composite Function, Problems
Limit - Continuity and Differentiability
Introduction and Representation of Limits
Conceptual Problems of Limit 
Important formulae of limits
Expansion of some standard functions, Formula Base Problems on Limit
More important formulae on limits, Formula Base Problems on Limit
Logarithimic formula on limits
Problems based on  x- Approaches to Infinity
Limits Problems on Exponential Function
L Hospital Rule of Limit, Problems
Introduction of Continuity
Introduction of Differentiability
Problems on Differentiability
Introduction of Differentiation
Application of Derivatives
Introduction- Tangent and Normal and Problems
Angle Between Two Curves, orthogonal curves
Introduction- Increasing and Decreasing Functions
Problems on Maxima and Minima
Practical Problems
Rolle's Theorem
Problems on Rolle's Theorem
Lagrange Theorem ( Mean Value Theorem), relation between rolle's theorem and lagrange mean value theorem
Problems on Lagrange Theorem 
Inflection Point
Indefinite Integral
Introduction of Indefinite Integral
Substitution formula
Elementary Problems
Integral Formulae
Problems on Formulae 
Integral by parts
Special Formula of integral
Problems on Special Formula 
Integration by Partial Fraction 
Problems on Partial Fraction
Definite Integral
Introduction:- Property-I and II
Properties-III and IV 
Problems on Property: I- II- III and IV 
Property-V and Problems
Problems on Property-VI
Problems on Property-VII
Property-VIII and Problems 
Property-IX  and Problems
Problems on Property-IX 
Limit of sum, problems
Introduction of Area under the Curve
Area enclosed by two curves
Problems on Area under the Curve
Differential Equation
Order and Degree of Differential Equations, problems
Formation of Differential Equations
Problems on Formation of Differential Equations
Solution of Differential Equations, problems
Method of Solving Differential Equations
Solution of Homogeneous and Non Homogenous Differential Equations
Solution of Linear Differential Equation 
Straight Lines
Distance Formula
Problems on Distance Formula
Section Formula
Problems on Centroid of Triangle
Incenter of Triangle, problems
Area of Triangle, problems
Collinear Points, problems
Circumcenter and Orthocenter of Triangle
Slope of Line and Equation of Line
Equation of line, Normal of Line
Angle between Two Lines, problems
Problems on Angle between Two Lines
Concurrent Lines, problems
Problems based on Distance of a Point from a Line
Distance between Two Parallel Lines, problems
Location of a Point with respect to a Line
Problems on Location of a Point with respect to Line
Equation of Family of Lines Intersecting at a Common Point 
Problems on Equation of Family of Lines Intersecting at a Common Point 
Mirror Image of a Point with respect to some other Point, problems
Equation of Angle Bisectors
Problems on Angle Bisectors
Transformation of Axes 
Angle between Pair of Straight Lines, problems
Introduction of Circles, problems
Different forms of equation of circle, problems
Tangent and Normal to a Circle at a Point, problems
Condition of Tangency to a Circle , problems
Problems on Condition of Tangency
Problems on Tangent and Normal to a Circle
Tangent from an External Point, problems
Length of Tangent, problems
Chord of Contact, problems
Problems on Chord of Contacts
Chord with a Middle Point, problems
Polar of Point with respect to circle, equation of polars, problems
External and Internal touching of two Circles, problems
System of Circles (Intersecting at two Common Point), problems
System of Circles (Having Common Chord), problems
System of Circles (Touching each other Internally as well as Externally), problems
System of Circles (Intersecting a Line at Two Point), problems
System of Circle (Touching a Line), problem
Common Tangents of Two Circle touching Externally, problems
Common Tangents of Two Non Intersecting Circles, problems
Common Tangents of Two Intersecting Circles : Touching Internally and Concentric Circles, problems
Conic Section
Introduction of Parabola
General form of Standard parabola,problems
Tangent to a Parabola, problems, directrix
Normal to a Parabola, problems
Chord of Parabola, problems
Introduction of Ellipse
Condition of tangency, problems
Problems on Tangent to an Ellipse
Equation of tangent, problems
Parametric Coordinates of the Ellipse, slope of the normal, equation of tangent and normal at any parametric point, problems
Tangent drawn from an External Point to an Ellipse, problems
Introduction of Hyperbola
Elementary Problems on Hyperbola 
Condition of tangency, problems
Equation of tangents, equation of normal drawn on the hyperbola, problems
Parametric Coordinates of Hyperbola, problems
Rectangular Hyperbola , problems
Problems on Hyperbola
Comparison between Circle: Hyperbola: Ellipse and Parabola
Vector Algebra
Introduction on vectors
Sum of Vectors (Triangle Law)
Sum of Vectors (Parallelogram Law), problems
Position Vector, unit vector
Scalar Product or Dot Product
Projection of a Vector, problems
Vector Product or Cross Product, properties and its Problems
Scalar Triple Product
Vector Triple Product 
Three Dimensional Geometry
Introduction: Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios
Problems on Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios
Angle between the two Lines, problems
Equation of Straight Line, problems
Equation of planes
Problems on Planes
Angle between two Planes
Problems on Angle between Planes
Line lying in a Plane
Equation of a Plane Passing through Intersection of Two Planes, problems
CoPlanrity of two Lines
Introduction on Probability
Types of Event
Derivation of Binomial form , problems
Examples and problems
Examples with Ball Transfer 
Special Conditions on Ball Transfer
Problems on Probability which has Infinite Events 
Problems on Arrangement
Bayes Theorem of Probability, problems
Introduction , Angle , Degree and Radian
Graph of sin x and cos x
Graph of tan x and cot x
Graph of sec x and cosec x
Allied Angles
Problems on Allied Angles
Important Formulae of Trigonometry
Formula based Problems
Problems on Maximum and Minimum 
Trigonometric Equations 
Trigonometric Inequations, problems
Inverse Trigonometric Function
Problems on inverse Trigonometric Function 


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