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If you are running a Coaching center..

for IIT-JEE/AIEEE/CAT or a tuition center for Classes IX-XII in any particular territory, then TopChalks can discuss possibility of co-Branding our material with your name in that area.

Education is recession proof Industry
with the power to touch millions of lives and create a positive change in the society

Very Good experience so far! The support system in terms of telecalling, market intelligence has been excellent. I am confident that with the help of TopChalks team I would be able to cater to students of Orissa successfully in their study needs. I would be happy to recommend TopChalks business opportunity to anyone who is interested to start a venture in education field.
Mr. S K Pattnaik, Bhubaneswar

The market opportunity for supplemental learning and coaching/tuition is extremely large in India; driven mainly by the inadequacy of our school system to provide high quality education. Students face severe competition when they apply for admission to limited high quality educational institutions and therefore require continuous assistance from high quality instructors and effective supplemental learning content.

Our Unique Selling Points address the needs of students of all academic levels.
Our high quality instructor-articulated content bridges all their "learning gaps".

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Opportunities Available

TopChalks Business Associate can choose any or all of the following roles.

As a Distributor

You will distribute TopChalks CDs to retail outlets in your area and also sell TopChalks products directly to the end customers. The area will be assigned to you through mutual discussion with the company representative.

As a Learning Center Franchisee

A distributor will distribute TopChalks CDs to retail outlets in his area and can also sell TopChalks products directly to the end You can create a new Learning Center or enhance your existing Learning center with TopChalks solutions where students will be taught by your faculty using TopChalks excellent educational content and state of the art multimedia technology.

As a TopChalks Digital Library/ Point of Sale

You can offer students hourly access to TopChalks excellent educational content, sell them TopChalks CDs and Online subscriptions.

As a Channel Partner for Schools

TopChalks solutions can be installed in schools either directly in classes, in audio-visual labs or in the libraries or computer centers. TopChalks offers commission on revenue realized from school.

Who can partner with us?

TopChalks is looking for like-minded high caliber individuals / groups / teams who share our vision and passion to democratize education in India.
Ideally, our business partner must be a graduate in any discipline and should have
  • Keen business acumen
  • Demonstrated track record of creating and managing successful businesses, preferably in the service or education industry
  • Commitment to high-quality customer service
  • Adequate capital to ensure success
  • Complete knowledge of the regional market and
  • Finally share our passion of creating a name in the market for TopChalks.

Support to Partners

Training Support:

  • TopChalks undertakes Counselor training
  • TopChalks hosts sales and marketing training periodically
  • TopChalks conducts ongoing training on new products

Start-up support:

  • TopChalks offers new Business Partners an initial start-up kit containing product brochures and promotional material
  • Special Customer management system will be provided which will help you in running the Digital Library smoothly.

Customer care team support:

  • Data calling support
  • Converting prospective customer into sales
  • Increasing walk-ins through data calling

To Distributor

  • As a distributor you will be given regular support of ATL and BTL activities as per company policies.
  • ATL Support: National and Local media coverage (Including TV and Print Media).
  • BTL Support: Providing them with Collateral.

To Learning Centre Franchisee

As a Learning Center Franchisee you will get access to TopChalks educational content which will be hosted on a local server in your center so that teachers can use it to teach the students. Students will also get free CDs of the entire curriculum they are enrolled in, for their personal use. Your entire staff (Center manager, counselors and teachers) will be trained by TopChalks.

To Digital Library/Point of Sale

As a POS you will get TopChalks educational content which will be hosted on a local server in your Digital Library, so that students can come and consume the content.
The content will be regularly updated.
Customer management system will also be provided which will help you in running the Digital Library smoothly.