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JEE-ADV Course Details

Subject No. of Chapters No. of Lectures Taught Solved Problems No. of Hours
Physics 23 641 354 110
Chemistry 27 211 343 60
Maths 27 771 1328 130
PCM-Combo 77 1623 2025 300

JEE-ADV Syllabus
Laws of Motion-1
Laws of Motion: First and Second law of Motion and Few examples of Variable mass system
Definition of Newton, Third law of Motion, System and Surroundings, External and Internal Forces
Reference Frames
Earth Frame
Non-inertial Frame of Reference
Inertial Frame of Reference
Free Body Diagram Introduction
Free Body Diagrams in Mass pulley system
Results from Kinematics
Constraint Relationship
String Constraint
Problems on String Constraint
Explanation of Newton's First Law and External Force
Rest and Motion, Reference Frame
One, Two and Three Dimensional Motion
Distance Vs Displacement Definition
Definition of Average Speed 
Illustration of Average Speed
Graphical Interpretation of Average Speed
Illustration of Graphical interpretation of Average Speed
Instantaneous Speed: A Limiting Case of Average Speed and Its Illustration
Illustration of Graphical Interpretation of Instantaneous  Speed
Displacement Vs Time Graphs for 1 and 2 dimensional Motion
Uniformly Accelerated Motion and Equations of Motion
Conversion of Displacement Vs Time into Distance-Time Graph
Elementary Problems
Projectile Motion: Introduction
Expression for Time of Flight, Maximum Height Attained and Horizontal Range of Projectile
Role of Complementry Angles in Projectile Motion
Equation for path of Projectile
Projectile on the Inclined Plane:Expression for Time of Flight and Maximum Height Attained on inclined plane
Expression for Range Attained on Inclined Plane
Relations between Displacement - Velocity and Acceleration
Past Year IIT  Problems
Introduction of Relative Motion
Laws of Motion-2
Wedge Constraint
Examples of String Constraint
Past Year IIT Problems
Circular Motion
Introduction: Circular Motion
Uniform Circular Motion (Theory)
Illustration of Uniform Circular Motion
Examples of Uniform Circular Motion
Non-Uniform Circular Motion 
Illustration of Non Uniform Circular Motion
Conclusion of Non-Uniform Circular Motion
Past Year IIT Problems
Introduction: Frictional Forces
Kinetic Friction and Static Friction
Illustration of Kinetic Friction and Static friction
Kinetic Friction Vs Static Friction
Work Power and Energy
Work-Energy Theorem
Mechanical Energy
Definition of Work Done
Potential Function
Conservative-Force and Non-Conservative Force
Conservative-Force Vs Non-Conservative Force
Past Year IIT Problems
System of Particles
Centre of Mass
Illustration of Centre of Mass
Collision Theory
Rotational Motion
Introduction: Rotational Dynamics
Illustration of Rotations
Moment of Inertia
Illustration of Moment of Inertia
Parallel Axis Theorem
Perpendicular Axis Theorem
Illustration of Torque
Illustration of Toppling
Problems based on Toppling
Rigid Body
Effect of Friction on Tension in mass pulley system
Rotation about Fixed Axis
Illustration of Rotation about Fixed Axis
Rotation about Fixed Axis: Mass Pulley System
Problems on Rotation about Fixed Axis
Planar Rotational Motion
Chastal Theorem
Application of Chastal Theorem
Illustration of Rolling without Slipping in mass pulley system 
Example of Rolling without Slipping
Rolling with Slipping 
Illustration of Rolling with Slipping 
Example of Rolling with Slipping 
Problems on Rolling with Slipping 
Angular Momentum of a rigid body
Illustration of Angular Momentum
Universal Law of Gravitation
Spherical Symmetric Distribution: Shell's Theorem
Acceleration due to Gravity and its variation with Height and Depth
Motions of Planets and Satellites in Circular Orbits
Keplar's Laws of Planetary Motion
Escape Velocity and Expression for It
Gravitational Field and Gravitational Potential
Physical Interpretation of Gravitational Potential
Problems based on Gravitation Potential Energy
Past Year IIT Questions
Fluid Mechanics
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Pressure
Pascal's law
Hydrostatic Pressure
Application of Hydrostatic Pressure
Problems Based on Application of Hydrostatic Pressure
Up Thrust and Center of Buoyancy
Equation of Continuity
Bernoulli's Equation and its derivation
Toricelli's Theorem
Applications of Bernoullis Equation
Viscosity and Newton's Law of Viscosity
Stokes Law and Expression for terminal velocity
Simple Harmonic Motion
Illustration of Simple Harmonic Motion
Applications of SHM
Problems Based on Application of SHM
Angular SHM and Example, Difference b/w Linear SHM and Angular SHM
Application of Angular SHM
Expression for the time period of Simple Pendulum
Physical Pendulum
Heat and Thermodynamics
Introduction of Heat and Thermodynamics
Internal Energy
Problems Based on Internal Energy
Work Done by Gas, Free Expansion of Gas
Dependence of Internal Energy  
First Law of Thermodynamics
Molar Specific Heat 
Example of Specific Heat
Polytropic Process
Problem Based on Specific Heat
Equation for Adiabatic Process
Isochoric Process
Illustration of Isochoric Process
Isobaric Process and its illustration
Isothermal Process
Adiabatic Graph
Proof of Cp - Cv = R
Summary of Thermodynamics
Cyclic Process
Illustration of Cyclic Process and Heat Engine
Efficiency of Heat Engine and a problem based on it
A Problem based on cyclic process
Postulates of Kinetic Theory of Gases
Illustration of Kinetic Theory of Gases
Expressions for Kinetic Energy and Root Mean Square Velocity
K.E. for Polyatomic and Monoatomic Gas
Degree of Freedom 
Equipartition Theorem
γ(Adiabatic Gas Exponent) = 1 + 2/f
Maxwell - Boltzmann Distribution
Emmisive and Absorptive Power of an Object, Kirchoff's Law
Stefan's Law, Black Body
Illustration of Radiation
Summary of Radiation
Wein's Displacement Law
Heat Transfer by a Conduction
Heat Transfer by a Conduction contd.
Thermal Current and a problem
Sound Waves
Introduction to Waves, Types of Waves
Wave Theory
Functional Form of Equation of Travelling Wave
Wave Velocity and Particle Velocity
Equation of a Sinusoidal Wave Travelling Along +X Direction
Phase Velocity and Its Illustration
Average Power Transmitted along String by Sine Wave
Principle of Superposition and Interference
Constructive and Destructive Interference
Power in Constructive and Destructive Interference
Reflection of Waves
Standing Wave, Nodes and Antinodes
Frequencies in Standing Waves
Illustration of Standing Wave
Open Organ Pipe
Closed (one end) Organ Pipe
Formation of Beats and Beats Frequency
Doppler's Effect
Illustration of Doppler's Effect
Example of Doppler's Effect
Doppler Effect(Conclusion)
Equation of Spherical and Cylinderical Wave
Pressure Waves
Bulk Matter
Surface Tension
Illustration of Surface Tension and Surface Energy
Relation b/w Surface Energy and Surface Tension
Expression for Excess Pressure within a Bubble
Angle of Contact, Cohesive and Adhesive Forces
Example of Capillary
Past Year IIT Problems
Hooks Law and Young Modulus
Coulomb's Law
Principle of Super Position
Application of Coulomb's Law and Principle of Super Position
Concept of Point Charge
Examples based on Coulomb's Law and Principle of Super Position
Vector form of Coulombs Law
A Problem Based on Coulomb's Law
Dipole and Dipole Moment
Illustration of Dipole Moment
Gauss' Law
Illustration of Gauss' Law
Proof of Coulomb's Law by Gauss' Law
Applications of Gauss' Law
Properties of Metallic Object
Electric Potential
Potential Difference
Interaction Energy of System of Charges and Potential Energy
Illustration of Interaction Energy
Potential function
Past Year IIT Problems
The field of an electric dipole for points on the axis
The field of an electric dipole for points on the equatorial plane
Earthing and one example related to it
Capacitors and Capacitance
Types of Capacitors
Spherical Capacitor
Cylinderical Capacitor
Equivalent Capacitance in Series Combination
Example based on Capacitive Circuit
Forces on the dielectric in the capacitors
Charging of Capacitor in C-R Circuit
Discharging of Capacitor in C-R Circuit
Current Electricity
Introduction to Current Electricity
Drift Velocity, Current and Relationship b/w them
Drift Velocity, Electric Field and Relationship b/w them
Kirchoff's Law (KVL and KCL)
Equivalent Resistance
Some Important Points and a Problem
Problems based on Kirchoff's laws
Heating Effect of Current, Joule's Law
Illustration of Heating Effect of Current
Past Year IIT Problems
Introduction to Electromagnetism
Lorentz Force
Illustration of Lorentz Force
Force on a Current Carrying Conductor in a Uniform B Field
Illustration of Force on a Current Carrying Conductor in a Uniform B Field
Biot-Savart Law
Illustration of Biot-Savart Law
Problem based on Biot-Savart Law
Amperes Circuital Law
Application of Amperes Circuital Law: Solenoid
Problem based on Amperes Circuital Law
Illustration of Amperes Circuital Law
Ideal Galvanometer Vs Ideal Ammeter
Conversion of Galvanometer into Ammeter  
Conversion of Galvanometer into Voltmeter
Electromagnetic Induction: Faraday's Law of EMI, Lenz's Law 
Motional E.M.F.
Illustration of EMF
Problems based on EMF
Hall's Effects
Time Varying Magnetic field
Self induction
Energy Stored in an Inductor 
L-C oscillation
Growth of Current in the L-R Circuit
Decay of Current in L-R Circuit
Series and Parallel Combinations of Inductors
Mutual Induction
Representing A.C Signal Via Complex Number
Phase of I and V
Impedance of Capacitor
Impedance of Inductor
Series of LCR Circuits
Prism: Angle of Prism, Relation b/w Refractive Index and Angle of Prism
Expression for Angle of Dispersion
Combination of Prisms and its Types
Snell's Law , Critical Angle and Total Internal Reflection
Past Year IIT Problems based on Total Internal Reflection
Glass Slab
Past Year IIT Problems
Laws of Reflection
Sign Convention
Derivation of Lens Maker Formula
Applying Lens Maker Formula
Diverging and Converging Lenses
Silvering of Lens
Problem Based on Silvering of Lens
Past Year IIT Problems
Velocity of Image if Object is Moving
Illustration of Velocity of Image- If Object is Moving
Image Formation
Problems on the Variable Index
Lens with Differrent Media on Two Sides (Problems)
Problems on the Snell's Law
Multiple Spherical Surfaces Separated by Some Distances
Youngs Double Slit Experiment
Location of maxima and Fringe Width in Youngs Double Slit Experiment
Expression for the Fringe Width and a problem based on Youngs Double Slit Experiment
Example Related to Youngs Double Slit Experiment
Refraction through Spherical Surface
Problems based on Refraction through Spherical Surface
Refraction through Planar Surface
Problems based on Refraction through Planar Surface
Modern Physics
Potulates of Bohr's Theory
Expression for Velocity and Radius of Hydrogen for nth orbit
Expression for Energy of nth orbit for Hydrogen Atom
Spectrum of Hydrogen Atom
Expression for Wavelength and Series Spectrum of Hydrogen Atom
Series Limit for Hydrogen Atom
Effect of Mass of Nucleus on Velocity , Radius and Energy of an Atom
de Broglie equation of wavelength and idea of Modern Physics
Some important points and few Expressions
Continuous and Characteristic X-Rays
Moseley's Law
Introduction to Photoelectric Effect
Threshold Frequency, Work Function and Kinetic Energy in Photo Electric Effect
Dependence of Photo Current
Some important Points related to Photo Electric Effect
Past Year IIT Problems
Decay Constant, Mass Defect , Binding Energy
Error Analysis
Introduction of Error Analysis
Some examples based on Errors
Gaseous State
Gaseous state, Boyle's law, Charles's law, numerical
Numerical Problems on Gas Law and Daltons Law of Partial Pressure
Diffusion, Graham's law of diffusion
Problems on Graham's law of diffusion, postulates of kinetic theory of gases
Van der Waals Equation and its Application, compressibility factor and problems
Maxwells Distribution of Molecular Velocities and problems based on it
Problems on Real Gas
Gravimetric Analysis, mole avagadro number
Examples on Gravimetric Analysis
Problems on Gravimetric Analysis
Equivalence Concepts and Introduction of n-Factor, non-redox and redox reaction
Calculation of n-Factor
Volumetric Analysis(Normality and Molarity)
Numericals on Volumetric Analysis(Titration)
Problems on Equivalence Concepts
Back Titration and problems on it
Double Titration and problems on it
Miscellaneous Problems on Titration and Double Titration
Atomic Structure
Rutherford atomic model, postulates, problems, derivation for velocity ,problems, frequency and time period of an electron revolving in nth orbit, deriation for energy
Wave Particle Duality and Relation of Potential Difference with de-broglie Wavelength
Heisenberg's uncertainity principle, Schrodinger wave equation, principal, magentic and spin quantum number, 
Schrodinger equation, Aufbau and Pauli exclusion principle, Hund's rule and problems on it
Photo-Electric Effect and problems based on it
Chemical Bonding and Periodic Properties
Periodic Properties ,Ionization potential
Applications of Ionization potential, Electron affinity
Electronegativity, factors affecting electronegativity
Hydrogen bonds and numericals based on it
Types of bonds, lattice enthalpy and lattice energy
Deviation from Covalent to Ionic Character, solubility
Deviation from Ionic to Covalent
Polarizability and problems based on it
Solubility and problems based on it
Shapes of Molecules
VSEPR Theory and problems based on it
Limitation of valence bond theory, molecular orbital theory and problems
Hydrolysis and Co-valent Halide and problems based on it
Chemical Kinetics
Chemical kinetics, rate of reaction, concentration of the reactant, order of reaction
Molecularity of a reaction, problems
Rate law for a first order reaction, Half life of a reaction
Half Life Period and Numericals based on them
Applications of First Order Rate Equation
Problems on First Order Reaction
Effect of Temperature- Arrhenius Equation
Applications of Arrhenius Equation, problems
Nuclear Chemistry, rate law of radioactivity, units of radioactivity, specific activity
Radio Carbon Dating
Parallel Reactions and problems on it
Miscellaneous Conceptual Problems, ester hydrolysis
Chemical Equillibrium
Equilibrium Constant  Kp and Kc and their Relation
Problems Relating Kp and Kc
Degree of Dissociation
Problems Relating the Concepts
Le  Chateliers Principle
Relation of Gibbs Free Energy Change with Equilibrium Constant
Ionic Equilibrium
Ionic Equilibrium: Lowry-Bronsted concept, pH and pOH of Strong Acid and Strong Base
Calculation of pH and pOH
Calculation of the pH of weak acid, salt hydrolysis
Salt Hydrolysis
Buffer Solution
Problems on Salt Hydrolysis and Buffer Solution
Solubility and Solubility Products and problems based on it
Miscellaneous Problems
General Organic Chemistry
Types of Bond Fission and Reaction Intermediates and numericals
Inductive Effect 
Applications of Inductive Effect, calculation of dipole moment
Electromeric Effect
Resonance and its Applications
Acidity of Phenols and Carboxylic Acids
Basicity of Amines
Problems on Basicity of Amines, basicity of amino compounds
Steric Factors Effecting Acidity and Basicity
Hyperconjugation, Application of hyperconjugation and numericals
Tautomerism and problems
Effect of solvents
Sterioisomerism, Newman's projection formula, 
Conformational isomers, problems, Sawhorse projection formula
Geometrical isomerism, e-z nomenclature
Optical isomers, specific rotation, problems, chiral
Properties of enantiomers, diasterioisomers
Types of symmetry element, Assymetric and desymmetric modules
Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
Aromatic Compounds and its classification
Classification of Aromatic Compounds and their Reactions, Nucleophile
Stability of Benzene, Mechanism of Aromatic Reaction
Effect of Groups on the Rate of Electrophilic Substitution
Orientation of the Electrophile in Benzene Derivatives
Nitration- Halogenation and Sulphonation Reactions
Friedel Craft Alkylation and Acylation
Application of Friedel Craft Alkylation and Acylation
Reaction of Alkyl Benzenes and Aniline and Problems
Alkanes, Preparation and Properties of Alkanes
Reactions of Alkanes and Problems
Isomerism in Alkenes and Preparation from Alcohols
E-1 And E-2 Elimination Reaction
Orientation of the double bond in E2 reaction, Stereochemistry for E2 reaction, Fisher projection form, Newman projection formula
Other Methods of Preparation and Stability of Alkenes
Reactions of Alkenes(Bromination- HX Addition)
Hydroboration- Oxymercuration and HBr/Peroxide Reactions
Glycol Formation
Preparation of Alkynes
Addition Reactions of Alkynes
Ozonolysis, Hydration of alkyenes, Substitution reaction
Alcohols and Alkyl Halide
SN1 Reaction
SN2 Reaction, problems
Comparison between SN1 - SN2 and NGP, problems
Elimination Reaction, basicity
Comparison of Substitution and Elimination
More Examples of Elimination Reaction and Substitution Reaction
Preparation and Reaction of Alcohols
Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution
Aromatic SN1 Reaction and problems
Aromatic SN2 Reaction and problems
Diazonium Coupling Reaction and problems
Benzyne Mechanism 
Organometallic  Compounds
Classification of Organometallic and Reactions of Grignard Reagent
Reaction of Grignard and Alkyl Lithium and 1-2 Vs 1-4 Addition
Problems on Reaction of Grignard Reagent
Rearrangement Reactions
Bayer Villiger Oxidation - Cumene-Hydroperoxide Rearrangement and Fries Rearrangement
Arndt Eistert Synthesis - Beckmann - Curtius - Lossen Rearrangement and problems
Hoffmann halomide degradation, Cliasen rearrangement
Ethers and Epoxides
Ethers , Preparation and Reactions of Ethers
Reactions of Epoxides
Phenols, Methods of Preparation and Test
Acidity of Phenols and Reactions and problems
Electrophilic Reactions
More Reactions of Phenols
Carbonyl Compounds
Carbonyl compounds, Preparation, Rosen mund reduction reaction
Preparation continued: hydration of alkynes, oxidation of glycol
Reaction of carbonyls, Addition reaction
Formation of acetal, reduction reaction
Reduction: Clemennsan reduction and Oxidation Reaction
Haloform Reaction
Aldol and Claisen Condensation 
Claisen - Perkin - Benzoin Condensation and Benzil- Benzilic Acid Rearrangement
Cannizzaro Reaction and Previous IIT JEE Problems
Acid Catalysed Aldol- Working Backward to Identify Starting Materials for Aldol and problems
Special Reaction with Problems
Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives
Preparation and Reaction of Acids and its Derivatives
Ester Hydrolysis
Decarboxylation of Acids
Sulphonic Ester Hydrolysis and Reactions of Cyanides and Diazomethane and problems
Amines and Related Compounds
Amines, types of amines, Preparation of Amines
Properties and Basicity of Amines, problems
Reaction of Amines
Difference between Cyanides and Isocyanides, Diazomethane and its applications
Transition Elements and Coordination Compounds
Transition Elements, Charactertics of transition elements, oxidation state
Properties of Transition Elements and Complex Compounds 
Werner's Theory
IUPAC Nomenclature
Bonding in Coordination Compounds (Crystal Field Theory)
Hybridisation and Magnetic Moment of Coordination Compounds
Problems based on Hybridisation and Magnetic Moment of Coordination Compounds
Colour Formation and Synergic  Effect, problems
Qualitative Analysis
Qualitative Analysis, Dry Test for Acid and Basic Radical and Wet Test for Acid Radical
Wet Test for Basic Radical
s/p Block Elements 
Boron - Aluminium and Its Compounds
Carbon and its Compounds
Carbides - Silicon and Silicates
Preparation of Nitrogen and Ammonia and  Reactions
Phosphine and Acids of Phosphorus
Sulfur - Hydrogen Sulfide and Its Reaction
Sulfur Dioxide- Sulfur Acids and Its Structure
Water- Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone
Halogen - Comparative Study of Oxides and Hydrides
Oxides of Chlorine-Pseudohalogen-Formation and Preparation of Zenon Compounds
Alkali Metals
Alkaline Earth Metals
Liquid Solutions
Vapour Pressure - Raoults Law
Problems on Raoults Law
Ideal and non ideal solution, Deviation from Ideal Solution
Colligative Properties
Reverse osmosis, Vant Hoff factor , Clausious - Clapyeron Eqn and Troutons Rule
Faraday's law, Problems on electrolysis
Electrochemical Cell
Types of Half Cells
Problems on Electrochemical Cell
Relation of E.M.F with dG/dt , dH/dt and dS/dt and problems
Solid State
Types of Solids
Packing of Solids
Thermochemistry, enthalpy of formation and combustion, laws of thermochemistry
Straight Lines
Introduction to Coordinate geometry, Coordinate geometry of two dimensions, Polar system, Coordinate geometry Vs Plane geometry
External division formula of line, slope of line, angle between two lines
Forms of equation of straight line, Parametric equation of line, 
Advanced application of perpendicular distance of a point from a line
Equation of family of lines passing through thte intersections of two lines, Necessary condition for concurrency
Change of origin, Rotation of axes
Advanced theory and result on line, two points and two lines, 
Angular bisector of two lines, 
Incenter, Orthocentre
Pair of lines:General equation of second degree, homogeneous equation, homogenizing, 
Reflection of point in a line, reflection in cordinate geometry
Formulas for various centres of triangles
Definitions and problems
General equation of circle
Equation of tangent at any point on the circle, equation of chord of contact
Director circle and problems
Equation of common chord of two circles, Radical axis of two circles
Orthogonal circle
Four points to be concyclic, second degree curve and problems
Equation of Circumcircle of triangle, 
Common tangent of two circles and problems
Standard situations in circles
Introductution on parabola and some problems
Theory on parabola
Standard results on parabola
Properties of parabola
 Reduction of Semi-General Parabola
 Reduction of General Parabola
Ellipse, Equation of Ellipse
Latusrectum of ellipse, how to trace the ellipse, position of point, auxiliary circle of the ellipse
Focal distance, Centre of ellipse
Result on ellipse
Equation of tangent, Normal and Chord of contact, equation of chord joining two points on ellipse, Slope of tangent
Director circle, Combined equation of tangent
Hyperbola, Equation of hyperbola
Conjugate hyperbola, Rectangular hyperbola
Results on hyperbola, Focal distances
Results on Asymptotes, find the asymptotes to the hyperbola
Degree/Radian- Rotation- Angle
Transformation Formulae
Trigonometric Ratio of an Arbitrary Angle
Trigonometric Formulae
Numerical Equalities and problems
Polynomials Proofs of Numerical Equalities
Trigonometric Equation, Special Trigonometric Equation
Various Methods of Solving Trigonometric Equations 
Trigonometric Inequations and problems
Maximum - Minimum Values and Basic Trigonometric Inequalities
Properties of Triangle
Properties of triangle
Notations and Basic Formulae
Altitude, Median, Angle bisector
Some standard conditional identies
Advanced result and problems on properties of triangle
Results related to orthocentre and pedal triangle
Solutions of Triangles
Complex Numbers
Introduction ,properties of conjugate and modulus, algebra of complex number
Argand plane, Methods for finding arguments
Various Forms of Circle Equation
Sequence and Series
Sequence as a Function and Various Types of a Sequence
AP,GP,HP Results
Inserting Means Between Given Numbers
Results and Techniques of Summation of Series
Equations and Inequations
Algebraic Inequations, Methods for solving Algebraic Inequations, Variations in inequations
Quardratic Inequations
Modulus Equations Inequations
Square Root Inequations
Logarithm Theory and Formulae
Inversion property, Variable base logarithimic functions
Fundamental Algebraic Inequality and problems
Problems on Fundamental Algebraic Inequality
AM Greater than or Equal to GM Inequality
Cauchy Scwarz Inequality and its problems
Triangle Inequality and its problems
Problems on Triangle Inequality
Theory of polynomials, fundamental theorem on Algebra
Standard Problems on Polynomials
Proving Divisibility using Complex Numbers
Permutations and Combinations
Fundamental principle of counting and problems
Basic Problems, difference between permutation and combinations
Definition of nPr
Typical arrangements and problems
Standard problems of circular permutations, clockwise and anticlockwise permutation
Selection from Distinct and Non Distinct Objects
Distribution of Distinct Objects in Distinct Boxes
Typical Problem on Last Distribution
Distribution of Distinct Objects in Distinct Boxes where Number of Objects in a Box is Specified
Proving Divisibility by D2 Distribution
Distribution of Identical Objects in Distinct Boxes
Distribution of Identical Objects in Distinct Boxes problems
Typical Problems on Integral Solution
Principle of Exclusion and Inclusion
Problems on Principle of Exclusion and Inclusion
Laplace Letter and Envelope Problem(Recursion Approach)
Bionomial expansion and its problems
Use of Multinomial Theorem for Permutations Combinations and Distributions and problems
Combinotorial Number Theory
Binomial Theorem
Binomial theorem, symmetric product, multinomial thorem
Multinomial thorem problems
Problems on Symmetric Products and Multinomial Theorem
Problems by Elementary Methods and Multinomial Theorem
Sum of the Coefficients in a Multinomial Expansion
Problems on Integer and Fractional Parts of a Mixed Surd
Greatest term in an expansion and its problems
Problems on Greatest Term
Identities involving combinatorial coefficients
Properties of Omega and Omega Square
Problems on identities by omega and omega square
Binomial Identities by Differentiation and its problems
Problems on Binomial Identities by Differentiation  
Binomial Identities by Integration
Problems on Binomial Identities by Integration  
Nonlinear Binomial Identities and irs problems
Trinomial Identities
Trinomial Identities problems
Inverse Trigonometric Function
Inverse Trigonometric Function : Results and formulae
Function definition and function as a special case of relation, definition of domain, co-domain and range
Onto or Surjective Function and its problems
One-One Functions (injective function) and problems
Problems on one-one functions
Inverse Function, example and problems
Problems on  Inverse Functions
Domain of Classical Functions
Techniques of Finding Domain of Functions
Domain Problems
Range Problems
Past Year Problems on Range Functions
Periodic Function (Introduction and Results), dirichlet function
Problems on Periodic Function
Composite Functions
Problems on Composite Functions
Combinatorial Problems on Functions
Limit  Continuity and Differentiability
Algebraic Limits and problems
Applications and examples on algebraic limits
Trigonometric Limits and problems
Mistakes in Evaluating Limits (Trigonometic  Limits)
Exponential and logarithmic limits and some problems
Limit of f(x), g(x) and some problems
Special Limits
Limit by L-H Rule
Mistakes in L-H Rule
Limit of a Sequence 
Introduction to Continuity 
Introduction to Differentiability 
Problems on Differentiability
Past Year IIT Questions on Continuity and Differentiability 
IIT JEE-2008 Questions on Continuity and Differentiability
Functional Questions
Some Typical Questions
Differentiation Introduction and Problems (Type-1)
Differentiation Introduction and Problems Type-2 (2nd derivative with implicit Case)
Differentiation Problems Type-3 (Successive Differentiation)
Differentiation Problems Type-4 (Change of Variable)
Differentiation Problems Type-5 (Inverse Anomalies)
Application of Derivative
Tangent and Normal, Basic Questions
Tangent and Normal to the Standard Curves
Angle between the Two Curves and some problems
Tangent and Normal Passing Through a Given Point
Tangent and Normal Meeting the Curve Again
Introduction on Monotonocity
Finding Intervals of Monotonocity of a Function
Introduction - Terms - Tips and Results of maxima and minima
Maxima and Minima Problems (Elementary Problems)
Maxima and Minima Problems (Trigonometric Problems)
Rolles theorem and its problems
Lagrange Mean Value Theorem and its problems
Past Year IIT Questions on Mean Value Theorem 
Convex Function Theorem by LMVT and problems
Indefinite Integral
Integration of trigonometric functions and problems
Rational function
 Random and Trigonometric Problems
Definite Integral
Definite integral properties 
Advanced results on definite integral, properties of periodic functions
Results on estimation of a definite integral and problems
Fundamental theorem of Integral Calculus and problems
Results on Definite Integral as a Limit of a Sum, problem and example
Mistakes in Evaluating in Definite Integral
Definite integral with area under the curve
Curve Tracing (Tips)
Curve Tracing (Examples)
Differential Equations
Order and Degree of a Differential Equation and problems on Formation of a Differential Equation
Problems on Formation of a Differential Equation
Definition of Probability
Set theoretic notations, Mutually exclusive event, Venn diagrams, Independent event
Important results in theory of Probability
Fundamental probability inequalities for any two events of the same sample space, Bayes theorem
Ordered and unordered method, examples
Definition - Terms and Results: scalar multiplication, collinear and position vector
Dot product of vector, Cross product, Triple product
Scalar triple product of three vector and problems
Volume of any parallelepiped and tetrahedron
Skew lines
Results on Projection
Symmetrical form of the equation of line, Equation of plane, Angle between two plane, Angle between line and plane
Line of intersection of two planes
Problems on skew lines
Shortest distance between two skew lines and parallel lines and problems
Advanced Results
Determinant and Matrices
Definition - Terms and Results, geometrical interpretation
Conjugate of matrix, Transpose Conjugate
Matrix method of solving non-homogeneneous system of linear equation
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Mr. Raj Kumar Bandhopadhyay, Chemistry

Mr. Raj Kumar Bandhopadhyay

Mr. Raj Kumar Bandhopadhyay is a M. Tech from Calcutta University with extensive experience of more than 15 years ...

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Dr. Arshad Majeed, Math

Dr. Arshad Majeed

To all who have had the pleasure of interacting with Dr. A. Majeed (popularly known as Majid Khan) ...

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Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal, Physics

Dr. Arshad Majeed

Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal is a B.Tech from IIT-Delhi. He is respected by the students for his in depth knowledge of the subject and conceptual clarity. His deep incite and example makes the student feel the subject practically.

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Mr. Munish Mittal, Chemistry

Dr. Arshad Majeed

Mr. Munish Mittal is a B.Tech, M.Tech Dual Degree from IIT-Delhi. His innovative and integrated approach gives Chemistry learning a new extension. ...

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Mr. Sachin Chhabra

Mr. Sachin Chhabra is a B. Tech from IIT-Delhi. He is one of the founding faculties of Edusat program in Punjab which has made a significant positive difference in the lives of thousands of IIT-JEE aspirants of rural Punjab. He has also designed and implemented courseware for Gyan Seva Trust, working for education of rural students. He is very popular among Delhi and Chandigarh students and for incorporating novel teaching technologies in his exceptional course work. He has been producing extra-ordinary results every year in IIT-JEE by making Physics simpler for every aspirant.

Achieve deeper understanding...
- Mr. Sachin Chhabra,

Dr. A. Majeed

To all who have had the pleasure of interacting with Dr. A. Majeed (popularly known as Majid Khan) or learning from him, he is a living legend. He did his M. Sc in mathematics from Kanpur University in 1976 and joined IIT-Delhi for research in Mathematics. He possesses a rare ability among mathematicians to communicate its perceptions and understanding to his students in a lucid way. His innovative ideas and pragmatic approach has motivated students of all walks of life. He is capable of interacting with the entire spectrum of students. Some of his achievements are as follows: Presented lectures in advance Mathematics in Indira Gandhi National Open University which are still relayed by the Gyan Darshan Channel. He has actively participated in Gyan Sewa Project being run for Rural Punjab students by Mr. H.S. Phulka in the year 2006-2007. He took tutorials of B.Tech Students in IIT Delhi when he was a research scholar there. He taught in DPS R.K Puram for 10 years and played pivotal role in bringing the name of Delhi Public Schools in global mat. He has authored many well recognized books in mathematics. Some of which are IIT-JEE (Rachna Sagar Publication), Algebra and Co-ordinate Geometry (Disha Publication) Trigonometry and Calculus (S.A. Publication).

Mathematics is more philosophical less algorithmic...
- Dr. A. Majeed,

Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal

Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal is a B.Tech from IIT Delhi. He is respected by the students for his in depth knowledge of the subject and conceptual clarity.

His deep incite and example makes the student feel the subject practically. Students appreciate his Physics teachings which gives them confidence and deep understanding required for the subject.

Mr. Munish Mittal

Mr. Munish Mittal is a B.Tech, M.Tech Dual Degree from IIT Delhi. His innovative and integrated approach gives Chemistry learning a new extension.

His teaching structure enables student in quick implementation of strategies and solving queries. The shed of his experience is the ultimate resource for students in the field of Chemistry.


Mr. Raj Kumar Bandhopadhyay is a M. Tech from Calcutta University with extensive experience of more than 15 years of teaching chemistry to IIT-JEE aspirants. He has produced numerous toppers in IIT-JEE year after year; To name a few, Sumit Kr. (AIR 5, IIT-JEE 2002); Prakash Rajpurohit (AIR 4, IIT-JEE 2003); Priya Gupta (AIR 2, IIT-JEE 2004) were taught by Mr. Bandhopadhyay. He has taught thousands of students in his career span while being associated with reputed coaching institutes such as FIITJEE, Narayana IIT Academy, etc. and he still continues to do so. His teaching methodology is unique and makes Chemistry an interesting and easy to learn subject. He is undoubtedly one of the few most effective and successful Chemistry teachers of the nation for IIT-JEE preparation.

Chemistry without mystery...
- Mr. Raj Kumar Bandhopadhyay,


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Abhilash AIR-29, IIT-JEE’2010
Vaibhav Satavan AIR-62, IIT-JEE’2010
Harshit Sihara AIR-2, AIEEE;AIR-97, IIT-JEE’2010
Smriti Irani AIR 584, IIT-JEE’2010
Nitika 36th Rank, DPMT
Harshit Sihara AIR-2, AIEEE’2010;AIR-97, IIT-JEE’2010
Srinidhi K VAIR-871, IIT-JEE’2010;State rank-22, AIEEE’2010
Nikhil 75th Rank,DPMT’2010
Apeksha Nimbadia PCM-95% Class XII, Birla Vidya Niketan, Delhi
Maniya Saini 87% Class XII, Army Public School, Gurdaspur, Punjab
Upama Mittal 90% Class XII, DPS, Mathura Road, Delhi
Shwetabh P Pranwit Class XII, Don Bosco School, Delhi 90.2%
Nirmal Roul Class XII-92%
Hardeek Kambli Class XII-91%

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Akmal Rashid
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Abhilash, AIR-29, IIT-JEE’2010
"Qualifying IIT-JEE is a dream come true and being taught by Majeed Sir and Sachin Sir is an experience itself. Thank you Sir for being there for me."
Smriti Irani, AIR 584, IIT-JEE’2010
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Nitika, 36th Rank, DPMT
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Harshit Sihara, AIR-2, AIEEE’2010; AIR-97, IIT-JEE’2010
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Srinidhi K V, AIR-871, IIT-JEE’2010; State rank-22, AIEEE’2010
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Nikhil, 75th Rank, DPMT’2010
"Majeed Sir is a true mentor. He not only helped me achieve my goal of cracking IIT-JEE but he has been a constant support throughout."
Vaibhav Satavan, AIR-62, IIT-JEE’2010
"For me IIT-JEE preparation was very difficult. Topchalks made it easy. And when Dr. Majeed is teaching students, there is no chance of failure."
Vijay Makkar, IIT-JEE’2011 aspirant