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SAT Course Layout

Our recommended study approach and plan

We strongly believe that every student learns differently and is at different levels of proficiency depending on a specific topic. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a course that allows any student to create a personal study plan that best suits that student’s goals. Some students prefer to take a test first, identify their weaknesses and strengths, and then create a suitable winning study plan. Other students prefer to go through the concepts, practice the problems and then take the tests.

Yet some other students prefer to blend the first two approaches. No matter which approach a student adopts, our course layout offers the greatest level of flexibility to build a student’s confidence and proficiency to best the SAT exam.

Course Layout

The entire course is laid out in an easy to visualize and access chart. A student can choose to spend time on any topic by just clicking on it and getting to that section. For a student’s convenience and productivity, we have organized every concept in Math and English that a student is required to know for the SAT-I and PSAT. We have also organized and categorized over 1100 Concepts & Problems in Math and English based on the topics and level of difficulty tested by the College Board in SAT- I and PSAT.

The Math concept and practice sections are organized in three areas:
Algebra & Arithmetic, Geometry and Probability & Statistics.

The English sections consist of a Critical Reading section which includes:
Sentence Completion and Passage Based Reading, a Writing section which includes Essay Concepts, Sentence Correction, Sentence Improvement and Paragraph Improvement.

The Interactive Vocabulary section enables"contextual learning" of words that are most likely to appear on the SAT-I or the PSAT. Other useful topics for English preparation include Irregular Verbs, Preposition Lists and Essay Prompts.

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