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SAT Practice Test

The SAT Reasoning Test is a standardized test for college admissions in the United States. The SAT is administered by the College Board corporation, a non-profit organization in the United States and is developed, published, and scored by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

The current SAT Reasoning Test is administered in about 3 hours and 45 minutes. After SAT's introduction in 1901, its name and scoring has changed several times. In 2005, the test was renamed as "SAT Reasoning Test" with possible scores from 600 to 2400 combining test results from three 800-point sections (math, critical reading, and writing), along with other subsections scored separately.

  • Math, Critical Reading, Writing

    3 hr 05 min

  • Take a Test

  • Math, Critical Reading, Writing

    3 hr 05 min

  • Take a Test

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